Geotechnics & Below surface engineering

Petrometalic has developed a real expertise in geotechnical and below surface engineering that combines a high proficiency in materials and supplies with a desire to supply their clients with solutions that are perfectly adapted to their needs (manufacture to client specifications, project support, and R&D).


  • Permeability testing
  • Slug tests and pulse tests on a limited parcel of land
  • Long-term passive measurement of piezometric levels above, inside, and below inflatable packers
  • Pump water testing
  • Testing via injection inside inflatable packers
    • SUBpressure:  5 to 40 bar
    • flow: 5 to 150 l/mn SUB


In order to insure the successful outcome of your project, Petrometalic conceives, adapts, supplies and/or produces the following materials and supplies:


Materials and supplies

  • Single or double modular probe ø56 to ø170
  • Thermal or electric injection unit with pulsation flow/pressure regulation
  • Bottom hole valve
    • Isolation of injection chamber
    • DN 20 to DN 50
  • Multivalve acquisition station, PC operating system, visualization of curves in real time, file transfer
  • Duel hydraulic hose reel
  • Tripod 3,000 KG
  • Umbilical winch

Tripod application and winch/tripod and winchTripod application and winch/tripod and winch

Acquisition stationInflatable packer with a diameter of 170