Petroleum & Development : materials & works

Desalination – South of France

Design and manufacture of a double probe TP 10 with a diameter of 56 to 170 for hydrogeological tests

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Fuel Management

Fuel management for the regional fleet of 300 tour buses in Belgium (2004)

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Hose reel for construction sites – single or dual

Crank and ratchet
Connections using rotary joints
Release mechanism:  ¾” for injection
Two joints with 2.5/1 et 4.7/1 ¼” connections for inflation


  • 70 meters of double ¾” flexible
  • 100 meters of double ½” flexible

The EF70 hose reel is specially designed to resist difficult construction site conditions and is perfectly adapted to our double flexible.  Full wheels included.

Excellent quality hose reels – Reliable materials for your construction sites

Designed and manufactured in by Petrometalic’s ateliers in France

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Hydraulic or pneumatic pumps for leachates

Leachate pumps – soil remediation

  • High pressure hydraulic equipment
  • Hydraulic transfer pumps
  • Leachate piston pumps
  • Horizontal pumps

Pneumatic equipment

  • Pneumatic transfer pumps
  • Compressed air leachate pumps

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Inerting for the French Navy

Using nitrogen to inert the gas filling tanks on the emergency launches on a French Navy support ship (2005)

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CO2 measurement probe

Measurement probe – CO2 capture – France

National project “CO2 Capture” : Petrometalic designed and manufactured a coupled measurement probe (102 diameter) to measure pressure and deformations during drilling.

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Permeability test probe

Permeability testing – Central Asia

Design and manufacture of a permeability test probe used in a uranium mine in Kazakhstan in 2007.

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Pneumatic Pumping – liquid acids – Eastern Europe

Pneumatic Pumping – liquid acids – Eastern Europe

Design and manufacture of a pneumatic pumping and sampling station for liquid acids (Ph 1) containing uranium at 200 meters under regulation.

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Rapid drain valve

Petrometalic has developed rapid drain valve technology:  a relief valve considerably reduces the time it takes to drain flexible hoses and inflatable packers during injection or drilling operations, particularly at great depths.


For dry drilling:

  • Command:  Air: 6/7 bar – water: 30 bar
  • Safe: installed directly on the head of the inflatable packer (no Rilsan bond)
  • Stop valve:  brass, 400 bar
  • Pilot head:  stainless steel, 100 bar

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Special inflatable packers

to be used for:
  • working in and isolating aquifers
  • hydrofracturing
  • permeability testing
  • water sampling
  • pumping without exhaust pipe (thermal application)
  • autonomous management for inflatable packers

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Thermo-welded double flexible

Designed for inflating our packers and supplying them with reinforcement products.

Inflation hose

  • ID 3 mm and OD 6 mm – PS 75 bar at 23°C
  • marked every 333 mm


Flexible injection

  • available in two diameters: 1/2” and ¾”
  • available in 25m or 50m (longer lengths on demand)
  • PS: 207 bar for Ø1/2” and 155 bar for Ø3/4”

Or separately:

RISLAN flexible inflation

  • Polyamide 12 – Flexible 6 X 3 mm – Black
  • PS: 45 bar (at 20°C) – Length according to your requirements

Flexible for grout injection

  • steel reinforced synthetic rubber
  • abrasion resistant outer coating
  • standardized lengths – 25 and 50 meters (other lengths on demand)
  • flexibles equipped with rotating JIC nozzles


Other lengths and diameters on demand (please use the form below to order)

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Tripod and umbilical winch

1,000 to 3,000 kg tripod

500 to 1,500 kg umbilical winch


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