S218GJC high flow hydraulic pump unit

S218GJC high flow pump unit
  • S218GJC high flow pump unit
  • S218GJC high flow pump unit
  • 3 ratios
  • fully equipped
  • ready to use
  • CE certified

3 ratios

Ratio : 45

Max. pressure : 310 bar   

Max. debit :

39,7 l/min

Ratio : 65

Max. pressure : 448 bar

Max. debit :

32,2 l/min

Ratio 200

Max. pressure : 1380 bar

Max. debit :

8,60 l/min

Drive fluid : air, nitrogen, etc.

Fluid to compress : water, oil, hydrocarbons, etc...


The S218 GJC pump transforms a low pressure fluid into a high pressure fluid via a working fluid whose pressure can be adjusted thanks to a pressure gauge. It is particularly suitable for hydrostatic tests, machine operations, battery charging as well as to deep water operations.

By controlling the inlet air pressure, the fluid output pressure can be adjusted according to the pump's pressure ranges.



  • the S218 GJC uses lubricated compressed air as an energy source :
    • it can therefore be used in hazardous locations
    • it is suitable for large thermal amplitudes
    • it is robust and suitable for hostile environments.
  • it quickly reaches the desired pressure and maintains it with minimal energy consumption, without thermal effect on the fluid or moving parts
  • it automatically restarts to restore the equilibrium pressure
  • the pump parts in contact with the fluid are made of stainless steel and chrome, compatible with most non-corrosive fluid materials.
  • antifreeze device.
  • may be operated with gas wellhead.