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Bimbar packers Range

PETROMETALIC has been supplying BIMBAR inflatable hoses for nearly 30 years, initially for water infusion in coal mines, then as single and double packers with central pipe for underground injection, in public works. Today, PETROMETALIC is exporting in more than 75 countries worldwide.

PETROMETALIC offers an exceptional range of 9 different inflatable hoses in 8 different packers’ diameters (30 to 170 mm) for use in boreholes of 35 up to 350 mm.

Our BIMBAR sleeves are manufactured using layers of steel cables bedded into natural rubber giving them the strength to resist the rough conditions of worksite use. The exceptional expansion capacity enables a good seal either in regular or uneven boreholes, as well as facilitating running in and retrieving.

Our packers are used around the work of aquifers isolations, injection of consolidating or waterproofing grouts, for site investigation and “tubes à manchettes” (sleeves tubes) grouting.

For its products design, development, manufacturing and sales PETROMETALIC is certified ISO 9001:2000, AFAQ Quality System (see certification page).


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Inflation table

On photo:

  • Max workin pressure: 100 bars
  • For 1 to 6 packers
  • 6 inlets for inflation & 6 for deflation with individual bleed-off
  • For water, compressed air and nitrogen
  • Stainless steel double ferrule mounting
  • Separate lines for water & gas to avoid water / gas mix.

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Inflation clarinette

Two different types

  • For water inflation
  • Max working pressure: 70 bars
  • Nb packer connections according to your specifications
  • Material: Stainless steel tubing and nickel brass valves
  • Lightweight

Download the PDF Product file


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Thermowelded Twin Hose

Designed for inflating our packers and supplying them with reinforcement products.

Inflation hose

  • ID 3 mm and OD 6 mm – PS 75 bar at 23°C
  • marked every 333 mm

Flexible injection

  • available in two diameters: 1/2” and ¾”
  • available in 25m or 50m (longer lengths on demand)
  • PS: 207 bar for Ø1/2” and 155 bar for Ø3/4”

Or separately:

RISLAN flexible inflation

  • Polyamide 12 – Flexible 6 X 3 mm – Black
  • PS: 45 bar (at 20°C) – Length according to your requirements

Flexible for grout injection

  • steel reinforced synthetic rubber
  • abrasion resistant outer coating
  • standardized lengths – 25 and 50 meters (other lengths on demand)
  • flexibles equipped with rotating JIC nozzles

 Other lengths and diameters on demand (please use the form below to order)

Download the PDF Product file

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Mobile Hose Reel EF70

Crank and ratchet
Connections using rotary joints
Release mechanism: ¾” for injection
Two joints with 2.5/1 et 4.7/1 ¼” connections for inflation


  • 70 meters of double ¾” flexible
  • 100 meters of double ½” flexible

The EF70 hose reel is specially designed to resist difficult construction site conditions and is perfectly adapted to our double flexible. Full wheels included.

Excellent quality hose reels – Reliable materials for your construction sites

Designed and manufactured in by Petrometalic’s ateliers in France


Download the PDF product file


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Cement injection pumps SPC 50 and SPC 90


  • Dimensions : L610mm - H420mm - W380mm
  • Weight : 34 kg
  • Ratio : 8,3/1 (SPC50) - 13/1 (SPC90)
  • Max. pressure max. : 58 bar (SPC50) - 90 bar (SPC90)
  • Max. debit approx. : +de 2m3/h(SPC50) - 1m3/h (SPC90)
  • Theoretical volume per piston cycle : 178 cm3
  • Engine fluid : air, azote, etc.
  • Compatible with : cement grout, mud, bentonite, etc...

Lightweight, sturdy, compact, easily transportable, well suited for building sites where large pumps cannot be installed. Easy and quick maintenance. Fully equipped, ready to use and CE certified.

The SPC 90 pump transforms the LP component into an HP component through the engine fluid. The pressure can be set thanks to a manual pressure regulator.



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