A few examples of our international work, including well-known construction sites that have used our products.


  • Milan subway – Italy
    Injection using 42 mm and 54 mm packers for strengthening and impermeability.
  • Lille Subway – France
    Used 30 mm double packers in the sleeve tubes for injecting silicates.
  • The Channel Tunnel – France-United Kingdom
    30 mm double packers used for permeability tests.  PSC90 injection pump.
  • Yacyreta Dam – Paraguay
    Panama River, between Argentina and Paraguay.  Injection via 42mm, 54mm, and 72mm single and double packers, starting at the surface and underground injections for the impermeable curtain
  • Ataturk Dam – Turkey
    Used 42mm and 54mm packers for the impermeable curtain
  • Saddam Dam – Irak
    Injection via 54mm, 72mm, and 130mm inflatable packers for the impermeable curtain.
  • Béni Haroun Dam – Algeria
    Under the direction of the Chinese Water Authority.  42mm and 54mm packers for strengthening.
  • Ertan Dam – China
    Impermeable curtain using single 54mm and 102mm packers.
  • Xiolangdi Dam – China
    Injections using 42mm and 54mm packers for the impermeable curtain.
  • Coal mines in Pingdignshan – China
    Injection of cement with a SPC90 pump and 42mm packers.  Water infusion with rods.
  • Tall Hosh and Medenki Dams – Syria
    Impermeable curtain and water tests with double and single 54mm packers.
  • Evinos Dams – Greece
    Strengthening with single and double 42mm packers.
  • Niagara Falls – United States
    Use of 42mm and 72mm packers for injections.
  • Dul Hasti Dam – India
    Kashmir – Use of 42mm and 72mm packers for strengthening and impermeable curtain.
  • Piedra Del Aquila Dam – Argentina
    Strengthening and impermeability using 54mm packers.
  • Savana River – United States
    Permeability tests and water sampling for analysis of ground water at Yucca Mountain (Oakridge National Laboratory), Hanford, Super Collider (Texas).
  • Vienna subway – Austria
    Injection of Bentoninte, cement, and aluminate gel.
  • Temzouart Dam – Morocco
    Agadir – Injection using 42mm packers for impermeable wall.
  • Bekme Dam – Irak
    Impermeable curtain and strengthening with the help of 42mm and 54mm packers.
  • Tsing Ma Bridge – Hong Kong
    Link to Chek Lap Kok Airport near Kowloon. Strengthening with the help of 42 mm packers.
  • Guandong Power Storage Project – China
    Impermeable curtain using 42mm single packers
  • Lubin Copper Mines – Poland
    Reinforcement of mine wells during digging with the help of 30mm and 42mm packers for injecting cement with our SPC90 cement pump.
  • Jubilee Line Extension – London, United Kingdom
    30mm and 42mm packers for injections with sleeve tubes.
  • Arbre TGV Viaduct, Lille-Brussels
    30mm and 42mm double packers for micropiles.

And many others…